Get ready to Prosper in 2020

Your mission and purpose in life are worth investing in, which is why my mission is to support you by providing resources and guidance that help you CLARIFY, PLAN and NURTURE your meaningful mission. 

Mission 2020: Sharing with Heart is a 4-Week Virtual Course to help you clarify and plan your mission.


Sharing with Heart

February 2020

Mission 2020: Sharing With Heart, is for mission-hearted women who are seeking clarity of purpose so they can set a vision, develop a message and a plan to prosper and flourish. If you are ready to:

  • Have a focused and healthy mindset
  • Have clarity and vision surrounding your mission
  • Share consistent and engaging messages
  • Plan your messaging strategy
  • Avoid confusion & overwhelm
  • Live your calling
  • Live purposefully
  • Make a difference
  • Flourish

If you are ready to FOCUS on you and your success, there's no time like today to start living and working powerfully, smartly and purposefully AND doing it with heart!

About Mission 2020: Sharing with Heart

Week One

Thursday, February 6, 2020 -- Noon to 1:30 EST


Clarifying a calling and purpose comes from within. During the first week, we will work on renewing the mind through soul care, meditation and ways to show up daily with a fortified mindset that contributes to clarity of thought and the ability to focus.

Week Two

Thursday, February 13, 2020 -- Noon to 1:30


This week we will get creative, soulful, joyful and have fun ideating and brainstorming each participant's purposeful mission. Think vision boarding; having fun with ideas and words to set your ideas in place and gain momentum to advance your mission.

Week Three

Thursday, February 20, 2020 -- Noon to 1:30 EST


Plans are accomplished when there is a simple PROCESS and STRATEGY to achieve them. This week is all about putting points on your map. No matter what your goals are, you will need a game plan to achieve them. 

Week Four

Thursday, February 27, 2019 -- Noon to 1:30 EST


Momentum is crucial! This week we will celebrate our accomplishments from our time together and will use an editorial process to help establish ways to nurture your mission. Consistently showing up is what builds momentum.

All sessions will be conducted using Zoom Video Platform and they will be recorded. Here's what participants will receive:

  • 4 -- 90-Minute Training & Work Sessions
  • 1 -- 45-Minute Planning Call with Esther
  • Corresponding guides and templates for each session
  • Support and collaboration with like-minded women
  • Lots of support, guidance and coaching to help you prosper!

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Mission 2020: Sharing with Heart

PROSPERING in 2020 and beyond.

Benefits to Participating

>>  Established Soul Care Practices to create less stress and more calm which produces more gratitude, generosity, clarity and focus.

>>  Clarity of purpose to formulate and launch or focus and advance your mission.

>>  Clearly established and achievable goals with timelines and checkpoints.

>> A map for your process to happen.

>> Guidance and coaching

>> A supportive, collaborative and interactive community.

"Your SOMEDAY is here.

It is TODAY.

And, make no mistake about it;

you are more prepared for it than you may think." 

- Esther -

Esther Hughes

Hi there! I'm Esther and I'm an author, speaker, purposeful life coach, message designer and mission advance partner. Over the past decade, I've had the amazing privilege of helping numerous coaches, solopreneurs, small business owners, executives and professionals message, communicate, plan, nurture client relationships and advance their missions.

I love coming alongside mission-hearted women and bringing them together one-on-one and in community to help them follow their callings while making an impact and a living.

You are meant to flourish! My mission is to help you.

MISSION 2020: Sharing with Heart

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Get ready to PROSPER in 2020 and beyond.